BET Whistleblowing System

BET Whistleblowing System (WhistleBET) is a system that accommodates complaints about alleged violations that occur in our Company. Starting this year, Borneo Eco Tours has implemented a whistleblower program which is designed to receive, review and follow up complaints from BET employees and third parties while maintaining the confidentiality of the whistleblowers.

The application of the whistleblower program managed by the Audit Committee is determined and ratified by the Decree of the Board of Directors.

How to submit a violation report?

Borneo Eco Tours employees or third parties can submit complaints regarding accounting and auditing issues, violations of regulations, suspected fraud and/or suspected corruption, and violations of the code of ethics directly to the Managing Director or to the Chairman of the Borneo Eco Tours Audit Committee by email, web portalĀ or letter with the following address:

Address: Lot 1, Pusat Perindustrian, Kolombong Jaya, Mile 5.5, Jalan Kolombong, 88450 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Complaints must meet the following requirements:

  1. Delivered via website, email, or letter.
  2. Providing information on issues of internal control, accounting, auditing, violation of regulations, suspected fraud and / or suspected corruption, and violations of the code of ethics.
  3. The information reported must be supported by sufficient evidence that can be relied upon as preliminary data for further investigation.

Protection for Whistleblowers

BET guarantees and ensures the protection of the confidentiality of whistleblowers, both employees and third parties who submit complaints or report suspected violations. BET always prioritizes confidentiality and the principle of presumption of innocence and the principles of BET Whistleblowers in following up on any complaints or reports submitted as stipulated in the procedures for handling BET Whistleblowers.